Vybe V2 Percussion Massage Gun

antimicrobial plastic material reduces the risk of contamination from germs, you can use this massager in the gym or other sweaty or moisture-rich environments. Although we’re slightly disappointed in the relatively short 1-hour battery runtime, this is a minor complaint. The robust performance and relaxing heat tip make this an excellent option for relaxation and recovery. The operational noise level is only 10 dBA, which is equivalent to the sound of normal breathing, so you can use your massager just about anywhere without disturbing others. battery life provides up to 8 hours of use, exceeding many more expensive rival models’ lifespan.

Each massage gun was judged on its effectiveness, both during use and a few days afterwards, with the panel noting if it relieved any muscle soreness. Choose a model that comes with multiple massage heads, from the standard ball head for bigger muscle groups to cone, wedge and thumb heads for working on smaller and more sensitive areas. It comes with high performing batteries that last long and super the gun’s six adjustable speed levels and four different types of massage heads perfect. It is simply and elegantly designed and built using A-grade materials that make it efficient and usable.

At $150 it’s also on the expensive side relative to other models, though that’s to be expected given the dual heads. However, for a limited time, promo code50M25UQP drops it to just $75. The latest generation of percussive massagers are far cheaper than high-end Theraguns, but they’ll soothe your aching muscles all the same.

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The G3PRO features 60 pounds of max force and 16mm of amplitude – this thing is an absolute human jack-hammer that you can REALLY lean into for a truly deep tissue massage. Four different pulse heads are also included here, so you can target each and every muscle set with an attachment that’s specifically engineered for proper treatment. The standard head and dampener are great for larger, broader muscle sets, while the cone and thumb pulse heads are particularly penetrative for treating those difficult knots and joint pain. Using the Massage Shogun percussive therapy gun to ease the tension out of your muscles can provide more than physical relief.

It comes with 6 easy to change specialty massage heads, each designed for a specific use. Although we did pick a favorite, many models are suitable for varying needs, so the most suitable one for you might be further down our list. helps with natural stress relief or wish to relax after a long day at work, a massage gun can meet your needs. Turn on the massage gun with U-shaped massage head to the second switch, first slide down the spine with your hand, find the force point of the massage gun, and then massage by massage gun.

If you have larger or tighter muscles, you may need something more heavy-duty than this model. With so many raving reviews of this product, the only real complaint has been from users who needed more power than the 30 pounds of force provided. Hyperice claims they have the quietest massage gun on the market, made with patented aerospace-grade technology. The bottom line is, that when the Theragun Pro is working, it is a very good massage gun.

So when one runs down, it’s as simple as popping it out and swapping it for a fresh one. But that’s not all — the Theragun PRO also comes with an OLED screen that displays both current speed and a responsive force meter. And when you consider that its five different settings can be controlled via the app thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, this is one option that’s pretty hard to pass up. As such, massage guns make for the ideal accompaniment to your existing training regimen. Sure, they’re largely reserved for post-workout recovery; however, that’s not to say that they aren’t useful during warmups as well. The TaoTronics Massage Gun is a battery powered, handheld percussive massager.