Sludge belt filter press working principle and mechanical structure

The sludge and the added flocculant are mixed in the pipeline and then enter the mud-drug mixer, which is fully mixed by the slurry plate stirring, and then enter the gravity dewatering section of the sludge filter press, where a large amount of water is removed by the sludge itself by gravity. In this section there is a dividing plate, which can disperse and evenly distribute the sludge on the surface of the filter belt, and as the filter belt moves, it then enters the wedge-shaped press section between the upper and lower filter belts, and gets pre-compressed dewatering, removing the free water on the surface of the material. The sludge then enters the “S” shaped press section consisting of nine rollers, where the shear force is generated due to the variable bending of the material with the filter belt in the axial system, causing relative displacement between the material particles, further removing the free water inside the material and making the material more solid, with the final moisture content of the material being 68-80%. At the material outlet, the upper and lower filter belts are equipped with plastic mud scrapers to scrape off the mud cake stuck on the filter belt.

1、Main transmission device

In order to meet the requirements of different speeds of the sludge belt filter press, the main transmission system adopts stepless variable speed, the structure of which is a combination of electromagnetic speed control motor and shaft-mounted reducer, so that the linear speed of the filter belt can be steplessly adjusted between 0.5~4m/min.

2、Tensioning device for the filter belt

The tensioning of the upper and lower filter belts relies on two tail suspension cylinders to complete respectively. When the tension of the filter belt needs to be adjusted, the pressure of the pressure reducing valve controlling the filter belt tensioning cylinder can be adjusted. The pressure of the pressure reducing valve can be adjusted between 0.1~0.4MPa, and the general working air pressure of the belt tensioning is 0.2~0.3MPa.

3、Filter belt correction device

The sludge belt filter press is equipped with motorized industrial filter press manufacturers reversing valves on both sides of the upper and lower filter belts. When the filter cloth is out of its normal position too far, it touches the reversing valve stem and turns on the air circuit in the valve, so that the cylinder drives the corrective roller to move and the filter cloth returns to its original position under the action of the corrective roller.

Issues with the precision of the roll surface of the belt channel press might happen after the belt channel press roll surface has been harmed or re-covered with elastic or plastic, the elastic roll surface has been harmed, the external circle of the roll surface is sporadically circular, the roll segment is conelike, and so on After the roll has been covered with elastic or plastic, the machine ought to be utilized for completing treatment. – – The resistance grade of coaxiality ought to be alluded to grade 9, for example, the resilience of coaxiality of the press roller with shaft length of 2100mm-3100mm ought to be ≤300μm. The strain roller of the dewatering machine isn’t level, as on account of the previously mentioned belt channel press roller, which will effectively prompt the net belt running off and collapsing during activity. The tensioning roller of the dewatering machine isn’t level, as on account of the previously mentioned belt channel press roller, and it is not difficult to cause the lattice belt to run off and break during activity. The primary purposes behind the tensioning roller not being equal are as per the following (1) the tensioning roller establishment position isn’t right (2) the tensioning should be adjusted for level and equal heading identification (3) the amendment technique and deviation esteem isn’t right, and different reasons.

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The channel plate of the belt channel press is likely to long haul expulsion and wear after a specific timeframe, so the client needs to consider supplanting the channel plate. For clients, continuous substitution of the channel plate of the belt channel press will influence the creation proficiency and bring specific monetary misfortunes. So how to pick the channel plate turns into the focal point of the belt channel press makers – Shandong Tianqing natural insurance that the best way is to pick a decent quality channel plate, the accompanying help you how to purchase great channel plate.

1, we should initially check out the belt press channel plate all in all is finished, the surface is smooth, there can not be any wrecked stamps or imperfections, particularly the channel plate edge part, the prerequisites should be extremely level and smooth, since it is the main piece of the belt press channel chamber seal, can not have any issues. Assuming that the channel office of the belt channel press doesn’t meet even the most fundamental conditions, the belt channel press won’t work. In the recessed piece of the channel plate, attempt to lessen any silk marks, in light of the fact that the tension inside the gear is exceptionally high working, and the channel plate is regularly broken and obliterated from the silk signs of the channel plate under solid strain during the time spent use.

  1. We accept that a decent belt press channel plate shouldn’t have any impactful or solid smell, yet just a weak polyethylene smell, which can’t be smelled assuming you don’t smell it cautiously. Assuming the channel plate itself has a solid gas when it isn’t utilized, it either implies that an excessive number of added substances have been added to the channel plate in the assembling system, or that reused piece has been utilized to liquefy and project the channel plate again in the crude.

3, the latter is a decent channel plate in the final detail, can not have any residue brought out, base vinyl will be in the outer layer of the channel plate will shape a layer of slim, looks like to jade. This point is to depend on long periods of involvement to collect a decent handle, you might wish to take the side of the channel plate explore.

These are the strategies we need to encourage you how to pass judgment on the nature of the channel plate, a portion of these judgment techniques require some insight to judge accurately, so clients should focus on gather experience when purchasing substitution belt channel press channel plate.