Slop belt channel presses

Point by point data.

I. Specialized rule.

The slop is blended and responded completely by adding coagulant and streams into the feed merchant of the thickening area, which circulates the muck uniformly onto the slanted thickening segment, and under the activity of the twofold aide of the mud rake and gravity, the ooze moves with the channel material and rapidly eliminates the free water from the ooze. After gravity dewatering the thickened slime turning around system passes the muck on to the gravity dewatering part of the belt channel press for additional dewatering. The slime is then taken care of into the “S” molded press segment, where it is sandwiched between the upper and lower channel fabrics and squeezed over and over by various rollers of various distances across to cause the mud cake to get dried out once more, by scratching it off, while the upper and lower network belts are naturally cleaned consistently during activity. The upper and lower network belts are continually and naturally cleaned during activity.

II. Execution qualities.

The different sides of the channel belt can be dewatered rapidly during the sifting system, shortening the dewatering time. The little strain roller plan at the back and the adjustment of the contact point of the channel belt guarantee a mix of tension and shear power, subsequently extraordinarily further developing the solids content of the cake and the dewatering productivity.

  1. programmed control and consistent activity.

2、Low energy utilization and long assistance life.
3、High dewatering proficiency and high solids content of mud cake.

4、Easy administration and helpful support.
5、Low commotion, less compound specialists.

6、Economy and dependability, wide scope of utilizations.

Three, application scope.

Belt channel press is broadly utilized in sewage and ooze treatment in businesses, for example, printing and coloring slop dewatering, electroplating ooze dewatering, metropolitan living muck dewatering, paper making wastewater treatment, cowhide ooze, wine ooze dewatering, food slime dewatering, coal washing ooze dewatering, petrochemical ooze dewatering, substance ooze dewatering, ceramic unrefined substance dewatering, concrete plant ooze, mining ooze dewatering, iron and steel plant ooze, electronic sewage, circuit board plant, pineapple ooze dewatering, material initiated ooze, and so on

Four, the upsides of the gear.

1、The belt channel press can treat slop that can’t be treated by other channel presses. For example, railroad frameworks, oil fields, and muck created from sewage treatment with diatomaceous earth process, there are issues, for example, huge slime volume and high slop consistency, which can’t be treated by different kinds of channel presses by any stretch of the imagination, yet the belt channel press can accomplish awesome outcomes.

  1. The belt channel press consumes less energy. Because of the extraordinary construction, the belt channel press can accomplish a similar treatment impact as other channel presses, yet the water utilization and power utilization are just 1/3 of other hardware.
  2. The belt channel press covers an area of less space. filter press for sludge dewatering Because of the unique design, the belt channel press just involves 1/2 of the area of other gear when it accomplishes a similar treatment impact as other channel presses.
  3. The belt channel press has stable activity and long help life. The belt of the belt machine has high strength and short length, and it isn’t not difficult to go amiss because of the unique deviation structure, so the belt has long assistance life and stable activity.
    5、The belt channel press is not difficult to work. Because of the straightforward construction and sensible plan, the activity of the belt channel press isn’t really confounded worked by normal laborers.
  4. The belt channel press can run ceaselessly. Not at all like other channel squeezes which run discontinuously, the belt channel press can be worked consistently for 24 hours.