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Stone is among the most nuanced and luxurious of paving materials. It’s also durable and versatile, offering an enormous range of colors, shapes, and sizes. From irregularly shaped flagstones for country-garden paths to precision-cut geometric blocks for a formal patio, there is a stone for every garden situation.

Setting the stones is like assembling a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Establish the patio height with strings stretched across the edges of the patio. Set the strings parallel to the gravel base and at a height equal to the thickness of a brick plus a 1-in.

Paving stone driveways are the most cost-effective option of any driveway material. It’s also very easy to repair a cracked stone on a paver driveway, as opposed to a cement or asphalt one. Driveways made with paving stones are are built to last an average of 25 to 50 years. A paving stone driveway adds elegance to your home and can increase your home’s value. Now just because pavers are naturally beautiful and low maintenance, doesn’t mean you can leave them alone and that they’ll stay that way forever. It’s important to ensure that your pavers are properly cared for and thoroughly cleaned on a semi-regular basis.

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It is not as weather resistant however, and for outdoor use sealing at installation and regular reapplication will be vital to maintaining its beauty and longevity. These are large hand hewn granite units that range from 3 to 4 inches thick and vary in length. They are reproductions of the old ballast pavers from Europe that are a popular choice for curbs and edges of stone and concrete paver driveways and patios. Natural stone can be quarried in an endless array of sizes since there are no truly standard dimensions.

We look forward to helping you transform your ideas into reality. As mentioned above, pavers are considered more attractive than concrete and add more curb appeal to a home. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, patterns, and colors, which also offers the option for customization. Pavers are also less likely to fade or wear down in high-traffic areas compared to concrete due to the fact that the color is embedded throughout the stone.

Coupled with a Nicolock patio and fire pit, your outdoor dining space will quickly become a beloved oasis right in your backyard. Nicolock’s selection of piers, coping and caps is certain to have the perfect style and color to suit your design. Add a beautiful finishing touch to your wall system or the edge of your pool with a wide variety of sizes, styles and vivid Nicolock colors.

Always work with professional concrete paver manufacturers, like Peacock Pavers, and expert contractors who know how to properly lay, grout, and seal your concrete paver surface. Unless you’re a professional yourself, we do not recommend going the DIY route. This will help ensure that your pavers stand the test of time. Nicolock offers several different types of gorgeous outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and accessories to enhance your outdoor living space.

This may be the most difficult stage of the project, but it is the most important for proper installation. While a paver patio can be a relatively easy and inexpensive addition to your house landscaping, installing one requires careful consideration and planning. If installed incorrectly, paver patios are prone to moving, sinking, weed growth and other problems. Of course, a lot of companies do not work with concrete as they prefer to work only with higher-end materials.

The hardest part is creating a border to give it some shape. The material is strong and durable and, when installed correctly, will hold up well for years. Concrete is porous so you do have to be careful about water getting into it. If it freezes, it will expand and may cause cracks in the concrete. Since permeable pavers are made with an eco-conscious design, many municipalities now offer tax incentives and utility fee reductions – see if there is a local incentive in your area. There are two main paver designs with respect to how they are laid together.

Paving stones have been covering our roads for over 2000 years. They have proven their longevity, and this feature helps them remain a popular building material. Pavers are highly customizable in look and layout, eco-friendly, require minimum upkeep, and add aesthetic and monetary value to your home. It’s also critical to work with a professional to ensure that your patio is installed properly.

Certainly, if you would like to place an order or if you are interested in paver installation services call us at . Enhance your outdoor patio or walkway using square 20×20 concrete pavers limestone white paving stone. Calstone’s patented color blending technique creates an interesting mix of up to six colors. This method leads to pavers that look very much like natural stone – perfect if you want to achieve authentic, nature-inspired appeal. Calstone’s products are also noted for their vibrant color, exceptional strength, and hard-wearing quality.

To minimize the likelihood of staining, spilled substances or debris should be removed as soon as possible and pavers kept clean of debris and dirt build up. Should staining occur, clean pavers using a neutral, non-acidic cleaner. FireRock offers a variety of SEK Surebond cleaners that are compatible with our product, including SureClean, Stain & Rust Buster and Efflo Off. The use of larger pavers creates fewer lines for a more modern look.

When you’ve found a suitable spot, make a rough sketch showing trees, shrubs and gardens, then take measurements. Transfer these measurements to graph paper, letting each square equal 1 ft. Lay tracing paper over your plan and sketch in the stone border and bricks.

Though many people think of porcelain as slippery, textured porcelain can reduce the risk of slips and falls. Make a screed from a 2×6, notching it equal to the thickness of the pavers. Moisten and tamp the sand until it is well packed and smooth. Choose stones matching in size and color for a sleek look, or choose rocks of mixed types and sizes for a more natural vibe. These serve both a decorative and practical purpose, as they mark out the path and prevent gravel from scattering. Fill gaps between flagstone pavers with decorative landscape rock, which is less messy than sand and more stable than pea gravel.