December 2012

In 1994 the international common ISO 10360 Acceptance and re-verication tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs)” was established. Take Labthink CZY-6S Lasting Adhesive Tester and YGJ-02 Adhesive Tape Rolling Tester as examples. The testing apparatus is created up of lasting adhesive tester (such as testing panel, testing stand and return load board) and adhesive tape rolling tester. Put the adhesive side onto the surface of testing panel and the load board, press on those sample tape for three rounds with the roller and lie aside for five minutes. Place the sample vertically onto the testing stands, and hang common poises along the length of the specimen. Record the slide time and the falling time.

So if any one particular of the above three is missing, the vehicle will not start off. The assumption is that if the vehicle starts everyday and displays enough torque, the likelihood when it does not start off wouldn’t be compression related. Diesel engine compression range between in between 275 psi and 495 psi , with typical compression ratios of between 15:1 and 23:1. When diesel is sprayed into the combustion chambers by way of the diesel injector nozzles – the moment the air in the chambers are under great pressure – it really is normally hot adequate to ignite the diesel spontaneously. However, when compression is suspect, an average stress of 300 psi is excellent but no cylinder must differ by more than ten percent. Anything higher than 50 psi distinction among cylinders will also trigger starting issues, poor acceleration, diesel knock, excessive smoke and can lead to rough idling.

portable coordinate measuring machine 

When a sewing machine eats the fabric, it’s typically when we begin sewing on a corner. If you sew on a scrap, on a straight edge, then place your corner in right up subsequent to the scrap, it will prevent the machine from consuming the fabric. Yet another great habit to get into is to hold the thread tails for the 1st 2 or 3 stitches, every time you begin sewing. I’ve been in the habit of doing just that for 40+ years.

Generating strides toward surface independent scanning has been another hot topic in the laser scanner manufacturer’s circle, although the situation of collecting data on dark and shiny surfaces usually becomes a software program issue rather than a hardware problem.

The AWS-4050 Digital Torque Show, Operating Temp – 50 C, 220V is a portable, versatile, straightforward, and precise instrument that Test the torque of joints and tools. The AWS-4050 Digital Torque Show requires only seconds to adjust test parameters and functions in either 1 button or automatic modes of operation. The Intellect Transducer interface makes it possible for any compatible transducer to be connected with suitable calibration, with no input needed from the operator. The quality constructed into the 4050 assures accuracy and durability.

Tensile Strength yaitu tegangan maksimum yang dapat ditahan dengan sebuah bahan saat diregangkan atau ditarik, sebelum saat bahan selanjutnya patah. Dengan menarik suatu material akan diketahui bilamana material yang selanjutnya akan bereaksi pada tenaga tarikan dengan mengetahui sejauh mana material itu menjadi tambah panjang.

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