Best Massage Gun For 2021

Another great massage gun under $300 comes from athletic brand TimTam. It offers a slight upgrade over the other budget massage guns on this list. Like the Hypervolt , the massage head can be adjusted on a 90-degree angle, which helps massage harder to reach areas of the body.

Once you’ve picked your attachment and speed setting, place the massage gun onto one of your tight muscles and push firmly, but not too hard. You can hold it in place or move it slowly around the tight area. Most people use their massage guns as self-administered physical therapy after a long day or workout.

It can provide you with up to 3200 strokes per minute across three different speed settings. As a result, customizing the entire massage experience is certainly possible. The lightweight design means that it is comfortable to hold, which is another advantage. The reason why you should go for it is due to its lightweight design. With many different attachments that come along with it, you can get the type of massage you want. Also, since you can customize the operation of the massage gun, getting the right massager is easy.

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By penetrating deeply in your tissue, massage guns also give a little bit of muscle stretch, which leads to improving your range of motion. So, by using a massage gun before a workout, you can boost your performance, enhance your mobility, and prevent injury. As you see, a massage gun is one of the most useful devices for a pre-workout warm-up and post-workout recovery. The Legiral company offers another professional-grade massage gun that is perfect for treating such musculoskeletal complications as sore tissue and strains.

In addition to stall force, we also examined amplitude—a measurement of how far the massage attachment travels during each percussion. However, this device does not feel quite as forceful in comparison to the overall award winner. Featuring a brushless 24V motor with Quiet Glide technology, this powerful unit hovered in the mid-range when it came to decibel testing.

You’ll have to deal with a lot of noise while using this massage gun, but the fact that it gives you a quality deep tissue massage without a masseuse makes it worth it. As we mentioned, Theragun is known for creating top-notch massage guns. The massage gun also comes with six attachment heads and two batteries so that you never have to wait for it to charge. These setbacks are expected considering the price you pay for this massage gun. Nonetheless, you still get value for your money because the unit delivers the power and speed required to penetrate muscles and loosen tension. Some provide only circular motions, and others include thumping, vibrations, and circular motions.

Julia MacDougall, Reviewed’s senior scientist, helped me put together a series of tests to evaluate each massage guns efficacy. I also factored in bonus features like companion apps and tutorial videos, which can optimize your massage gun usage, and wrote down my general thoughts on how well each helped with muscle recovery. Hi, I’m Kate, the senior social media manager at Reviewed and resident fitness fanatic. As an avid runner and all-around athlete, I’m used to aches and pains, and my various athletic endeavors leave me with plenty of sore muscles to tend to. I’ve tested all sorts of fitness gear, from running watches to leggings, and wanted to do a deeper dive on massage guns after trying out a few different kinds last year.